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  • Warranty service

    Warranty Policy

    All of the products from PUAS with Three Years Warranty.

    All of the products with the quality problem,, we will be direct provide new products for replace within three months.

    We only provide RMA or free parts for maintance service for over 3 months products.

    Alll of the date was calculated by S/N

    Warranty range

    1.The products over warranty period, the same fault occurs within 3 months of paid maintenance, and will be repaired free of charge.

    2.Duo to force majure reason(Such as War, Earthquakes,Lightning, etc) or improper use, Installation errors and other non-normal operation or accident by failure is not covered by free warranty.

    3.All of the products must be adopt split package and original packing materials transport. If use overall assemble packaging damage caused by the type of product or did not use the original packaging transport, doesn’t belong to the scope of free warranty.

    4.Prohibit the user without permission to disassemble the machine, the user to disassemble the repaired products, is not within the scope of free warranty. For the fault products over the warranty period, the company implemented lifetime provide paid maintenance services.

    5.For the malfunction of products within the period of warranty, please fill in the form of warranty information correctly. Describe the malfunction in detail. And provide original sales invoice or its copy.

    6.For the damage and loss which was caused by the user’s specifically application. Factory won’t bear any risk and responsibility. The factory compensation made by breach of faith. Negligence or tortuous won’t exceed the amount

    of products. The factory won’t bear any responsibility for the special, Unexpected and continue damage caused by any othersreason.

    7.Our Company has the final right of explanation for the above terms.

    Warranty Condition

    1.The buyer need to send the malfunction products to our indicated address with the warranty cards information.

    Shipping cost of RMA or replaced.

    2.The company only afford one way shipping cost from the manufacturer to Channel distributor or purchaser.

    All of the end user direct return to our company, please contact with our sales in advance.