What are the steps to test HD conference cameras?

The test of high-definition conference cameras mainly tests the resolution and color reproduction, illuminance, and backlight compensation, followed by the measurement of the camera distortion, power consumption, and low working voltage. The following first measures the resolution and color reproduction, as well as the measurement steps of illuminance and backlight compensation. Let me introduce it first.


1. Sharpness measurement:

When testing multiple high-definition conference cameras, the same lens should be used (fixed focus and two variable lenses are recommended), and the center circle of the test card appears on the left and right sides of the monitor screen, which is clear and accurate Count out the given tick marks, a total of 10 sets of vertical lines and 10 sets of horizontal lines. Represents the vertical sharpness and the horizontal sharpness respectively, and the corresponding set of lines has been given.

2. Color reproducibility test:

the color monitor should be selected to test this parameter. First, observe people and clothing from a long distance to see if there is any color distortion, contrast with brightly colored objects, and see the high-definition response sensitivity of the surveillance camera, and put the color picture album in front of the surveillance camera to see that the picture outlines clearly, too light or too thick. Take pictures of moving colored objects again to see if there is color tailing, lag, blur, etc.

3. High-definition backlight compensation:

There are two methods to test this parameter: one is in a dark room, turn on the pressure regulating light on the front of the camera, when it is turned on, then place a picture or text under the light, and put the surveillance camera on the light. , To see if the images and text can be seen clearly, the screen is not dazzling, which effect. The other is to shoot the camera out of the window when the sun is full, and see if the images and text can be seen clearly.

4. HD distortion:

to see the camera distortion, put the test card on the front of the camera to make the whole sphere appear on the screen, check whether the sphere has an ellipse, move the camera forward to see whether the center of the circle is enlarged, and then test the edges, corners and frames from a distance No arc distortion, etc.

Post time: Nov-02-2020