Troubleshooting common video conference problems

1. The conference camera is powered on and has no action or image.

Such problems are generally caused by power supply failures, switching power supply failures, and loose power cord plugs, which are relatively simple. The user can solve the problem by troubleshooting the power supply failure and plugging in the power cord.
2. The conference camera cannot perform self-checking or is accompanied by noise during the application process.

For this kind of problem, the user can first check whether the power cord is loose, because a loose power cord can easily cause insufficient power and directly cause the problem. If the power cord is not loose, it is probably a mechanical failure, and the user needs to send the product for repair.


3. In actual applications, the conference camera is not controlled by the remote control.

Generally speaking, this problem is mainly caused by the lack of battery power of the remote control or the use distance is too far, the user can change the remote control battery and adjust the use distance to solve it.
4. The camera image is lost when the conference camera pan/tilt rotates.

Generally speaking, this problem is mainly caused by insufficient power supply or poor contact of the camera video cable. Users can solve it by checking whether the power cable plug is loose and replacing the video cable.
5. The image quality of the display device connected to the digital interface is not as good as that of the video interface directly.

The emergence of this problem is related to the image acquisition and processing capabilities of the device where the digital interface is located, and the image quality will inevitably be lost after the analog-to-digital conversion.

Post time: Oct-20-2020